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Bereshit – The Foundation Shemot – “Real Leaders”
New Discusions Shemot – Teach a Lesson to Pompous Leaders
Bereshit – The Response to Prophecy Shemot – Ingrates
Bereshit – Creation Shemot – Modern Slavery
Bereshit – Kain and Hevel Vaera – A Real Politician
Noah – The Rainbow Coalition Vaera – Sorcery
Noah – The Tower of Haughtiness and Division  Vaera – Teaching the Oppressed
Lech Lecha – Having Guests Bo – Throw it to the Dogs
Lech Lecha – Enjoying Evil Bo – Another Blood Libel
Lech Lecha – Go Away Bo – Tefillin
Vayerah – Being A Good Host Beshalach – What is Torah?
Vayerah – The Lesson of Akiedat Yitzchak Beshalach – Torah is for Everyone
Vayera – Intentionally Left Vague
Vayera – Labeling People Beshalach – A Bit of Heaven
Vayera – Really Nasty People Beshalach – How to Glorify G-d
Chaye Sarah – Yitzchak and Yismael Yitro – My Trip to Prague
Chaye Sarah – Blessed with Everything Yitro – Takeing G-d’s Name in Vain
Toldot – Peeping Tom Yitro – Converting to Judaism
Toldot – Jealousy Mishpatim – Societal Perfection
Vayetzeh – Land Without Boundaries Mishpatim – Good People
Vayetzeh – Coming back to haunt you Mishpatim – All Men created equal
Vayishlach – Emotional Growth Mishpatim – City of Refuge
Vayishlach – Dinah and Shechem Mishpatim – If Convenient it is a Mitzvah
Vayishlach – Jews and Idolotry Ki Tisa – Jumping From Branch to Branch
Vayeshev – Don’t Favor One Child  Terumah – Purpose of A Synagogue
Vayeshev – Oppress the Poor Tetzaveh – Torah is Pleasant
Vayeshev – Yehuda and Tamar Vayakhel – I want More
Miketz – Young Wisdom Vayakhel – Creativity in Judaism
Vayigash – Hatred Pekudey – Great Midrash
Vayigash – Jewish Unity
Vayigash – Jewish Unity 2
Vayigash – Despotism
Vayechie – You Can Lie for Peace
Vayechi – Did I Have a Choice in Writing This? New Discusions




Vayikra – What a Scam Bamidbar – There is Hope Devarim – Chazon – Snobs!
Tzav – What G-d Wants to Hear Naso – Bircat Kohanim Ekev – Living a Prophecy?
Tzav – Volunteer You Best Behaalotecha – Complaints
Shemini – Have a Drink Shelach – Humility and the Land Ekev – Rebuke
Tazria – Jewish Birth Rights Shelach – High Handedness Re’eh – Shemitah Year (unavailable)
Tazria – Why Should I Suffer Korach – Rebelion Re’eh – Oniah Saarah – Torah is Forever
Metzorah Haftara – Four Lepers Chukat – Huge Giants Re’eh – Con Artists
Acharie Mot – Good Living Balak – Bilaam the Psychic Fool Shoftim – City of Refuge
Balak – Dangers of Pluralism
Kedoshim – Making Spells Pinchas – Intermarriage! Shoftim – Slimy Politicians
Pinchas – The Zealot
Emor – Torah and Kindness Masaey – Refuge Ki-Tetzeh – Seperation Between Religion and State
Emor – Blessing of a Mitzvah Masaey – Embarrassed as a Thief Ki-Tetzeh – Roni Akarah
Emor – What to Remember on Shabat Masaey – If You Start A Mitzvah You Must Finish It Ki Tetzeh – Happy Marriage
Behar – Overpriced Real Estate Ki Tetzeh – Wayward Children
Bechukotai – Truth? or Falsehood? Ki Tavo – Happiness
Bechukotai – Who to Trust? Nitzavim – Close to You
New Discusions New Discusions Nitzavim – Rosh Hashana



New Discusions

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