Vayigash – Hatred

Perashat Vayigash

No matter where I was and who was speaking I have heard Jews speaking badly of other Jews. Just recently I heard an American rabbi complaining about how miserable it is to deal with Israelis. In Israel, I was in my allergist’s office which is run by an Israeli and an American Doctor. They did their residency together here in the US. I overheard the secretary arguing over the phone that the American Doctor is just as good and has more free time. After hearing this I asked her if it often happens. She said that the Israelis do not trust the American and the Americans do not trust the Israeli. I know for a fact that both are very talented physicians.

It is just Sinat Chinam – Causeless Hatred which causes the difference. Their is no real difference. In an ideal situation Jews should not be fighting with each other.

In our Hafatarah from Yechezkel the prophet is told by G-d that there will be a time that all Jews will be brought together. At this time all of the gentiles will recognize the special status of Am Yisrael. The Jews will realize that they should follow the Torah.

This is really a great time of year to discuss the subject of preventing hatred. This week we will be fasting for the fast of Asarah Betevet. The reason we fast at this time is to remember the destruction of Yerushalaim. The destruction occurred on Tisha Beav which is in several months. The siege which was made against Jerusalem started on the Tenth of Tevet.

As we all know the reason for the destruction was the short cited hatred which many Jews have for each other. The best advice which I have heard to counter one group’s hatred of another is to marry a person from that group. I am the child of such a relationship. It brings greater understanding of the workings. Israeli Moroccans should marry American Ashkenazim, Chasidim should marry Mitnagdim, Persian Jews should marry Syrians.

I hope that we stop hating each other.