All through the Torah we find references to nature. According to the Chovot Halevavot – Duties of the Hearts it is a very important Mitzvah to actually study science and all of nature.

The reason for this Mitzvah is to recognize how great G-d is. The best way to see how great G-d is, is to examine his creations. Studying Science is a tremendous Mitzvah when we actively look for G-d’s existence in his creation.

The closest and most convenient study of creation is to look at ourselves. Human beings are the most interesting of G-d’s creation and at home you have a whole house full of them.

Child development is one of the most interesting subjects to discuss. Look at how a helpless baby who can not fend for itself takes as much as 20 years to become independent. Human beings are very smart yet human babies are more helpless than any other animal. Think about how great it is that G-d created babies with limited intellect.

It could have been very possible for G-d to create babies with perception and understanding. This would be cruel as the baby’s body’s are incapable of control. If the child could look at his terrible situation then he would be miserable instead of giggly. I am sure that many of you know people who have lost control of bowel movements. This miserable feeling would be how every human would feel for the first years of its life.

You might ask so why does G-d not create babies mature so that they can control themselves? Certain Animals are born fully functional. Wouldn’t it be great if you could toilet train a new born baby? The answer is, probably, that G-d created man as a social creature.

If a child was born independent he would never become social. Social life is very important to people. The incredibly long development of a person serves him best to learn all that is expected of him by society. He can then grow up and do good with his life.

Another point which we can see the wisdom of G-d is in our bodies. It is incredible that such a complicated system of body organs works for so well for so many years. For all the years that a person lives his lungs collect up Oxygen which is added to the blood which is pumped by the heart and cleaned by the liver. The bones keep the body in the right shape and the brain controls the whole system.