Hachodesh – Another Blood Libel

Shabat Hachodesh – Another Blood Libel

Shemot 12-8
You should eat the meat on this night roasted on a fire and they must
eat it on Matzah and Bitter herbs.

For at least a couple of thousand years many, even the vast majority of gentiles believed that the Jews needed Gentile blood to fulfill  the Mitzvah of eating Matzah.


More fascinating than the fact that simple people believed this is that educated and open minded people believed it. Indeed it is these  people who lead the Pogroms, Inquisitions and Holocausts which cold bloodedly murdered millions of Jews.

We need  to understand the current types of Anti-Semitism and its new incarnation in the form of Anti-Israelism.  How Anti-Semites used to think is very important for this understanding. A very brief survey of how anti-Semites used to think will have to do:  Jews are lazy. They use guile instead of work to oppress others and to suppress the entire world. The extremist Anti-Semites even  believed that the Elders of Zion gather to discuss the method by which Jews will take over the world.

Part of this Jewish plot to conquer the world is the poisoning of gentile drinking water which causes the plague.

The Jews are obstinate in lying about the fact that Jesus was the  savior. On this subject  I recently perused the internet for ordinary references to Jews by Christian theologians. One need not look far or deep to find TERRIBLY Anti-Semitic references within even the tameist of Christian babbling.

I found one [which I forgot to link – but you can search for it] which a doozy:

We know the Jews saw these things without seeing them fulfilled in Christ, for they rejected Him.

This is written by Calvin of theologian  fame. It refers to the
rebukes of the Prophet Tzephania:

…but the Jews in this case, according to their manner, deal in trifles; for in things unknown they hesitate not to assert what comes to their minds, though it may not have the least appearance of truth.

In other words “Jews know the truth of Jesus but in their love for Evil they deny him”

Recently certain churches have tried to come closer to Israel. As part of this effort they wish to Saintify (canonize) Hitler’s
supporters. They deny the churches happiness that the Nazis had finally done their religious calling in the Final Solution. Instead
they make these Silent Murderers into Jew protectors and saviors of oppressed Jews.

It is their book which is the source of Christian Anti-Semitism which has spread its claws way outside the realms of religion.
The Pharisees were the holy people preceding the Mishnaic era. We are all their descendants and Jesus’ attitude towards them
quickly became church  attitude towards us. Just to quote a few:

Woe Unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like whited sepulchers which outwardly appear beautiful, but inwardly are full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanliness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but inwardly ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism, he said unto them, Ye offspring of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

That is to say the Jews are hypocrites and vipers.

The following claims that we are not even Jews but represent everything that is Evil:

… and the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews, and they are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

It is not a blood libel against the NT to say that its attitude  incited the murder of many Jews. Its readers read the simple meaning of the text. Its leaders pontificated about the evil Jew and its plays used the Jew as the symbol of evil and the partner with Satan.

A good example of how this text became representative of the common
attitude towards Jews is from The Devil and Jews – Trachtenberg, pg. 25:

In one of these legends when an impoverished Christian in desperation calls to the Devil for help a Jew suddenly appears and offers to aid him if he will deny Jesus.

The Jew is the anology for anything evil. We see this often enough in Clasic Literature like Shakespeare and Fagin in Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

As you all know I have not even touched the surface or even discussed the equivalent of Mustard seed relative to vast amount of hatred, murder  and paranoia instigated against the Jews who were always a minority in any place.

In our  Post Holocaust era we have finally been given by G-d our own land. In this era in the Western world it is becoming a little uncouth to cite the above dribble and to use it against small or large Jewish communities. Although, messengers of the Palestinian Authority and it associative organizations have been known to bomb Jewish community centers throughout the world.

In its place has come the very popular Anti-Israelism. Any official representative of the Jewish state is viewed as a manipulator.

The Arab world, its local press and certain oil hungry Arab puppet politicians (like George Bush and James Baker) have taken
the place of the Church to act against the Zionist plot to bring insecurity and death to the region and to the world.

Before Benjamin Netanyahu was compared to a Nazi in the official Egyptian  news it was none other than, Mr Appease the
Gentiles himself, Shimon Peres whose government was thusly compared. You will remember that it is the Nazi’s who are famous for murdering six million Jews and many millions of others.

Although we have known it all along European Social researchers have found that Israeli Arabs and more so their Palestinian brethren seriously believe that Hitler was the greatest leader of this century. During WWII they actively supported Hitler against the occupying Mandatory  English.

Ahh… now on to the English. Many Palestinian Jews (as they were called by the British) happily volunteered to join the Royal
forces in their fight against Hitler. This volunteerism was, and still is, viewed by the English as a free ride to learning military
skills which they planned to use against the English to eventually banish them from our country.

Foreign Ministers of England and all of Europe have felt for the last fifty years that it is their  duty to protect the “indigenous”
Palestinian population from the invading, cold hearted, plotting, Israelis.

The attitude is “Israel knows the truth of its  Evil plots to bring unrest to the world  yet they  deny this.” Israel tries to deny the
basic right of the Arabs to fulfill the Christian wish to rid the world of the deniers of Christ. OK, it is not that clear a connection
but it is part of the Anti-Israeli subconscious. However, we have no right to cause unemployment while trying to prevent suicide bombers from killing ordinary people on their way.

It is very common for Arab Newspapers, especially Palestinian ones, to cite the same old Antisemitic stuff:

The Israelis have polluted the Palestinian water system causing fatal infections to the population.

Israeli prostitutes are sent by the Mosad to give AIDS to Palestinian men.

A new flip on the “Jews have desecrated…”
By opening the tunnel (next to the Temple Mount) the Israelis have desecrated….

More unbelievable, although we are used to it, is the Anti-Israelism of  Liberals and Humanitarian organizations. Of  course we can not forget their good old Anti-Semitism of yore.

Such groups as the Quakers – Society of Friends which preach anti-violence can never find it in their Plethora of denouncements of Israel to even once denounce the Barbaric murder of school children and many other people who did nothing other than the sin of being born Israeli (Jewish).

Even worse than this many “pacifists” find room within their hearts to understand an insane theology which encourages murder and barbarity. However, their small minds can not understand why Israel feels that it needs the most modern and sophisticated equipment to protect its population. Such protection is viewed as Destabilization of the region and acts of aggression.

I have been known to say that it is upon the Gentiles much more than us to “Remember and Never Forget” the Holocaust and the thousands of years of anti Semitism which Christianity encourages. If I manage to forget the tortures of the Inquisition, Crusades, Pogroms  and the Holocaust little will happen.

Gentile denial, playing it down or just simply forgetting seems to be very dangerous for Israel/The Jews. The Palestinians deny it and they want to butcher us whenever they can.

Let us not forget The Church. I refer to any church from the Anglican to the Vatican to the Orthodox. They are no different in their source for Israel and Jewish Hatred. They believe that they have done us a favor by allowing us to live after murdering and denying Christ.

The second chapter of Sefer Tehilim starts:

Why do the gentiles quake? Why do the Nations meditate empty thoughts.  All of kings of the land and important people form  closed committees against G-d and against his anointed.

Pesukim like these refer to The United Nations [Against Israel.] (UNAI)  For no logical reason they constantly pass motions against Israel. A million people can be murdered in Africa, India, the Far East or even central Europe yet at best they come up with a couple of  motions against these  Genocidal maniacs. However, if an Israeli harms someone in self defense the entire UNAI decides that Israel must be totally controlled.

Additionally, we can give honorable mention to modern Neo-Nazis. They have come up with the most inteligent kind of Anti-Semitism. “The Jews of today are not realy Jews.” Therefor, they have no right to the land of Israel. They base this on a legend that at one time The Kazar empire which was somewhere around the Caucuses converted to Judaism. Since the Jewish people are decended from these people they have no right to settle the land. Additionally, the liers who are not really Jewish should be slaughtered for oppressing the innocent Palistinians. These people have many site on the web. They are always moving around. If you want to find them look to keywords: evisionist, kazar, holocaust denial and others.

The Hagadah says that in every generation they come up against Israel to eliminate us. Do not be mislead to believe that the modern world has freed itself of the blood libels. They have simply renamed them.

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