Tzav – What G-d Wants

Perashat Tzav

The only thing which G-d wants to hear us

Our Haftara ends with the following Pesukim:

This is what G-d says: A smart man should not praise himself praise for being smart, and a mighty person should not praise himself for his might, and a wealthy man should not praise himself over his wealth. But with the following a person who wants to praise himself should praise himself: investigate and know me because I am G-d who does kindness, Justice and Righteousness in the land, because with those attributes I desire, says G-d.

I was once at a Bar-Mitzvah at the Kotel. One of my rabbis was talking to a young man who was employed as a Biological engineer. He told the rabbi how he performs molecular cloning and how he can manipulate genetic materials. The young genius was impressing people with his mind.

Similar Stories apply to strong people who publicly praise themselves about how many people they have beaten up. Even worse Jewish Governments proud of their military strength. Still more than this is a wealthy man discussing how his money has raised him above the rest of the Human race.

There is nothing inherently wrong with possessing these three attributes. It is when they replace true religious activities when they become a problem.

The only truly important thing in life which we can be proud of is knowing G-d. G-d who performs kindness, justice and righteousness. Even more than this G-d wants to see us follow those three attributes of kindness, justice and righteousness.

The Pasuk says that if you want to praise yourself do it by saying that you were kind and just.

On Purim we had a special mitzvah to give to the poor. In the Morning a rabbi came over to me and asked if I know any truly poor people. I told him that I do not really know that many. I continued by saying that their are certainly hundreds of such people in our well to do town. this is because many people were struck down by the recession. I told him that we need to make a fund of some sort to help such people.

One of our aims as a new Synagogue should be to help the people who fell from the top. I am sure that in the future you will be hearing about it.

I hope that we should have the humility to realize the importance of helping others doing justice and righteousness.