Shofitm – Slimy Politicians

Shoftim – Make the Politicians While Away Their Time in Yeshivah

Should we stop bothering politicians about their wrong doings and leave them to do the difficult job of running a Government?


Don Yitzchak Abarbanel was the Vizier of the Spanish Monarchy before the Jews were expelled from Spain. Although he had relations with powerful leaders his attitude was very cynical towards this unfortunate class of people.

He points out that Jewish/Torah majesty has little power and is very controlled.

They can not make any really important laws because these are already found in the Torah.

Fighting wars is not really important in an ideal Jewish society. This is because G-d himself fights wars for the Jewish people. He may not even have a large cavalry.

Appointing Judges (and probably other important officials) is, according to Abarbanel, reserved for committees representing the general public. Indeed he says that the beginning of our Perasha which speaks about Judges and Officers is a warning to these committees to properly appoint righteous judges