Ki Tetzeh – Roni Akarah

Roni Akarah – The Impotent Will be Happy.

Based on Yishayahu 54, 1-10

The Whole city is worried about the first day of school. The taxi drivers were complaining that there will not be any taxis since all of the drivers need to escort their children to school or kindergarten. At the same time the people who need to take a taxi with their children to school will be stranded.

The impotent  families wish that they were blessed with the problem of escorting multiple children to multiple schools at the same moment.

The Haftara Roni Akarah compares the oppressed situation of the Jewish people in Israel to an infertile woman who has not been plagued with labor contractions. G-d promises that she will have more children than other women who have already given birth. This refers to the size of Jewish people in Israel. It is guaranteed that they will grow, succeed  and live in peace.

So certain is this prophecy that the infertile woman is told that she should add more cloth to her tent. She should get more rope and stronger tent pegs for it also.

The haftara continues:

For a short moment I left you, and with great mercy I will gather you in. With a small burst of anger I hid my face from you for a moment and with infinite kindness I have compassion on you.

The Radak explains that the short moment of anger refers to the years of Galut. They will seem like a short moment compared to the eternity of goodness and peace to be experienced.

The Haftara finishes with G-d swearing that just like he will no longer bring floods like in the days of Noah so he promises not to allow the gentiles to further oppress Israel.

Because the mountains will melt away and the hills will crumble and my mercy will not dissipate, and my covenant of peace will not be loosened, that is what G-d the one who has compassion says.