Rabbi Gindi is Sofer Sta”m – Scribe since 1986. You can be certain that Tefillin that you buy from me is one hundred kosher. They have all been certified kosher. Please let me know if you prefer to wait an additional few days for the Tefillin to be computer checked, if I do not have pre-checked in stock.

In order to make the Tefillin Kosher I spend about 18 hours writing them. This is the case even for less expensive Peshutim Mehudarim Tefillin.

Rabbi Gindi has Rabbinic Ordination from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, He has Sofer / Scribe certification from the Yeshiva Midrash Sepharadi – Shehebar Sephardic Center, as well as has been tested by the Vaad Mishmeret Stam. He is also a certified Mohel and Shochet.

I live with my family in Jerusalem, where I write the Tefillin, Megilot, Mezuzot, and Sefer Torahs. I have written the parchments for about 500 pairs of tefillin, Thousands of Mezuzot, dozens of Megilot and other Scrolls, as well as four Sefer Torahs.

Rabbi Gindi is recommended by many community Rabbis, and has supplied some families with Mezuzot, Tefilin, Megilot, Sefer Torah for three generations of grandparents buying for themselves , their children and grandson’s Bar Mitzvah’s.




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vaad mishmeret stam
Vaad Mishmeret Stam – Tested by  Rav Friedlander
Mohel Diploma
Mohel Diploma
Shochet Diploma
Shochet Diploma
Sofer Diploma - Midrash Sepharadi
Sofer Diploma – Midrash Sepharadi