Emor – Blessing of a Mitzvah

Emor – Blessing of a Mitzvah

Much goodness can come from prayer.  However, We often feel that it is difficult to pray three times a day. Part of our daily prayers  is a supplication to G-d  for the rule of righteousness and
justice. Even if our prayers go unanswered and it is hard to find much justice in a “Justice” system we can still feel relaxed knowing that all is controlled by G-d.


This is an example of how we often feel that following Mitzvot is a strain while in reality we should not feel that way.

In our Perasha the Kohanim are commanded to avoid contact with the dead.

The Midrash Tanchuma says that this is similar to a king who decreed on his chef not to see a dead person. The king said that since you see my face it is not proper for you to see the a dead man’s face. Similarly the Kohanim are always serving G-d in the Bet Hamikdash they should not be in contact with  dead bodies.

Certain Kohanim view this limitation as taxing. Although, most view it as a blessing. I have heard of rabbis who are Kohanim that have special contraptions built which allows them to go to cemeteries. Others are a very happy to pass this Mitzvah onto others.

Whenever we perform a Mitzvah we should think about the hidden blessings which we get.