098cropped“Steve Gindi is  the one I prefer to buy Tefillin from, since I know him and trust him”…. “We are buying the Sefer Torah from Rabbi Steve Gindi since we know him for years and has supplied to us  many Tefillin, Mezuzot and megillot for the community and  my sons.” Rabbi Ezra Labaton ZL

We hired Steve twice to write tephilin for us and could not have had a better experience. He can write many different kinds of ktav, Sefardic or Ashkenaz, depending on your custom. His writing is always beautiful and careful. He always made sure we received our items in a timely manner and his prices are very reasonable. We highly recommend Steve for any sofrus work. Adinah Sher

Michael Missry


Steve is caring and aims to please, very high quality person.You’ll be happy you used him. Mike Missry



Brenda GanotI ordered klafim for regular sized and special sized mezuzot from Steve Gindi a number of times. His work was neat and professional, his prices are  good and the items were delivered on time. My customers were pleased with the work. Brenda Ganot.


Louis GordonOur son, Yishai, did Steve’s bar mitzvah program for his first pair of tefillin. During our first meeting, Yishai learned how to write the crowns of Hebrew letters. Then, with Steve’s guidance, he actually did this in his own tefillin. In our second meeting, after the parshiyot had been checked by computer, Steve showed Yishai how to wrap the parshiyot and place them in the batim. Then they closed the batim together. In addition to making this a memorable learning experience, Steve’s Hebrew calligraphy is beautiful and the batim are very high quality.
Louis Gordon

Richard Gindi DMD
Steve’s technical skill as a sofer is unsurpassed. His work is accurate and neat, with few corrections. I have purchased numerous articles from him, from Tephilin to Megilloth and all are beautiful. Richard Gindi


Steve wrote a Megilat Esther for our family and the results were magnificent. We take great pleasure in reading the Megilla every year on Purim. Jon Sher

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