Masaey – Embarrassed as a Thief

Masaey – Embarrassed as a Thief

It is as if this pasuk was written today! (All of the following can be understood from Yirmiyahu and most is in our Haftarah)

As a thief is embarrassed when he is discovered so will Israel be embarrassed, them, their rulers, their ministers, their priests and their prophets. (Yirmiyahu 2-26)

The Prophet Yirmiyahu was one of the greatest prophets. In his prophesies of rebuke he criticized all people equally. None of the leaders properly followed the Torah. The religious leaders who were the Kohanim were supposed to teach the people Torah. Unfortunately, they twisted it for their immediate benefit. They perpetrated many sins in the name of the Torah. I am sure that they taught people that this was true Judaism. They taught their students that the prophets of truth lead an “Un-Jewish” lifestyle. They also rationalized oppressing the poor, single mothers and transients.

Even if these Priestly teachers personally established charity funds to feed the poor since they mistaught that Jewish law encourages unbridled free enterprise it is as if they did the oppressing.

When Yirmayahu told the political establishment that it should be forbidden by law to work on Shabbat they laughed at him. They told him that Freedom of Expression is more important than laws to rest.

Even if the political establishment did not repeal good Torah laws it was very publicized that people would not be forced to free their servants after 6 years, That taking as collateral a person’s means of livelihood (like his grinder) was alright to assure debt collection. I am sure that the rich politically strong people could be guaranteed a speedy and “fair” (for themselves) trial.

The judicial and law enforcement branches oppressed the defenseless.

While writing this I was thinking of how to discuss the modern equivalent of Judicial branch actually oppressing non-rich people. Well, last night I was robbed of my Notebook computer. I have used it for both work and to upkeep this list and my web site and for Torah research. It is only a computer and it is not currently used for my livelihood although it has served that purpose.

The thief is my upstairs neighbor (who wears a Shtriemel on Shabbat) who was seen by my relatives climbing down from his porch on to mine. The Police today took finger prints from my porch and tomorrow they will be matched with his own. He has even admitted to my wife that he “went there to get his keys.”

I know that even if this comes to court and he is found guilty I will never see my laptop again or the monetary equivalent of it. The regular justice system only gives justice to those who can afford it and who are insured. (which I was not)

Regular people have no where to turn.

The Religious Bet Din is also totally powerless. (for better or worse) When several years ago a religious Bet Din ordered this Shtriemel Wearer to pay damages or hire someone to fix something for our landlady he promised to confirm and then left the Bet Din as if he was never there.

I am not a doomsday prophet but the current situation is pretty SICK. The government, be it right or left [religious or anti], cares nothing about instituting a healthy, lawful society. Additionally, The religious leaders of today do not have the desire to teach a real Torah lifestyle. Instead, many, insist on keeping there followers ignorant and poor.

The above perpetrator has no secular education. Although he is registered in Kolel he wonders the streets all the day. Even if he wanted a job he would not be qualified for one.

In this Pre Tisha Beav season we are experiencing shocking events yet the leaders do not lead and no one cares to point out the truth.