The Tefillin Experience

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I offer a wonderful program for those who purchase Tefillin. This is great for Bar Mitzvah boys. It is grandparent approved too. You actually assist in producing the Tefillin. It is called the Tefillin Experience. It consists of up to three meetings.

The three meetings are  hands on. The first meeting involves the boy making crowns on the letters of his  Shema Yisrael parchment,  In  The second meeting we together place the Perashiot in the Batim and sew them. The third meeting is for the whole family, We learn some Halachot, some stories and everyone learns how to write a few letters on parchment

The Tefillin have many Hidurim and are reasonably priced. I personally write the Perashiot. The Gassot have Chut Hatefira, Shin Meshucha, Hand made straps and many more Hidurim. All Perashiot are computer checked and checked by a rav.


I have over 25 years of experience.

Gassot Tefillin – 2600 Shekels

Peshutim Mehudarim 1400 Shekels

Those living far away from Jerusalem can benefit from the new Live  Program via internet Video Chat: Tefillin: The Spirit of Bar Mitzvah

You can see samples at

Call 0544572366 or 029991554