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  • What does it mean to be genetically Jewish? DNA and NAZI eugenics - This article has interesting points. The whole debate skips over being Sephardic. according to Yosef Carmel, an Orthodox rabbi and co-head of Eretz Hemdah, a Jerusalem-based institute that trains rabbinical judges for the Rabbinate, this is a misunderstanding of how the DNA testing is being used. He explained that the Rabbinate are not using a […]
  • Tisha Be’av – How Things Fall Apart - Tisha Be’av Lately it has been asked how we can mourn on Tisha Be’av when Jerusalem has already been rebuilt.  Our Rabbis of Blessed memory have told us that the reason behind the destruction of the temple was factional and individual hatred. Below you will find a story which I translated from the Talmud. (Gitin […]
  • Milestones with your Sofer Stam - Life has many Milestones, during these You often need a Sofer Stam to make Holy Articles for you. A new pair of tefillin for a Bar Mitzvah, or because you desire a better pair at your new milestone (from $456 through 1276) Mezuzot, Moving into a new home, or when your loved ones move on […]
  • Mezuzot: A Sharp Mind and Sharp Home - Inside Mezuzot and Tefillin – Teaching Your Kids To Be Sharp I had a thought recently about the Shema Yisrael prayer, that is scribed inside of Mezuzot. It teaches us to believe in the Unity of the on G-d. It also teaches us to teach our children to have sharp minds. The basic concept that […]
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“Rabbi Gindi is  the one I prefer to buy Tefillin from, since I know him and trust him”…. “We are buying the Sefer Torah from Rabbi Gindi since we know him for years and has supplied to us  many Tefillin, Mezuzot and megillot for the community and  my sons.” Rabbi Ezra Labaton ZL

WhatsApp message any questions about Tefillin +972544572366