Milestones with your Sofer Stam

Life has many Milestones, during these You often need a Sofer Stam to make Holy Articles for you.

  • A new pair of tefillin for a Bar Mitzvah, or because you desire a better pair at your new milestone (from $456 through 1276)
  • Mezuzot, Moving into a new home, or when your loved ones move on ($50 through 78)
  • A Megilat Esther when you have become independent or want to give a very special present (from $1075 through 1376)
  • A Sefer Torah Fulfill the Mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah, you will be able to participate more than just writing the last letters, or in honor or memory of a beloved (approximately $46,000)

Order these now email or call NY 212-729-8094 or 516-595-1713 Israel 0544572366 or order online.