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אתר היכרויות חינם  שתמצאו את הזיווג שלכם המשלב בין שדכן עם שירות אנושי וגם חיפוש מקוון 
Free Jewish Dating site: We will help you find Love in marriage, through personal service and a deep understanding of what you are looking for. Through our simple, yet, in depth sign-up form we gain insight into your love and relationship needs. Please fill it in fully, with full sentences.

לאתר בעברית

At Milknhoney you will get the best of both worlds, Free Online Jewish Dating combined with traditional Shadchan Matchmaking. The matchmaker Rabbi Steve Bar Yakov Gindi will give you insight into how to seek your Soul-Mate and help you understand what makes you a great match.

We will stand by your side through the whole dating process until you get married. We will Help you to enjoy your date and focus positive energy on staying together in love forever.

We welcome all Jews to this FREE site looking for a shiduch and marriage. Ages 32+ are just as welcome as those younger. You can always email steve@milknhoney.co.il

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