Tefillin, Mezuzot and Megilat Esther – Are They Really Kosher ?

Shalom,Rabbi Steve Bar Yakov Gindi

Now is the time to order Tefillin for your son’s Bar Mitzvah, Mezuzot and Megilat Esther. This year is a leap year, very many people order Megilot Esther. Call 00972544572366 or email steve@milknhoney.co.il

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For many years you  have been taught to be very careful about from whom you purchase Tefillin, Mezuzot,  Megilat Esther and Sifrey Torah from. They say ninety-nine percent kosher equals one hundred percent passul (not kosher)

I am often called upon to check people’s Tefillin. I and the honest Sofrim that I know  rarely find Tefillin that aren’t kosher!  When I have found Tefillin that are unkosher they are always over 30 years old, written before the Jewish world became more careful in these issues. Indeed, thrity years ago all the honest sofrim would not charge people for checking Tefillin. This is because it was pretty guaranteed that they were clearly not kosher. Today an honest Sofer will always charge to check Tefillin. Sewing up the modern Gassot Tefillin in a manner that will look nice, in the same condition received is a lot of work. So much so that I, personally, contract someone else to sew and seal them.