Vayishlach – Should You Murder a Guy Who Raped Your Sister?

Vayishlach – Is it Right to Murder The Guy Who Raped Your Sister?

Rape of Dina
Rape of Dina

One day Yaacov’s daughter Dinah went out for a walk to see the ladies of the land. The prince Shechem son of Chamor saw her. He took Dinah then raped and tormented her. (Bereshit 34.)

Shechem was a member of the Chivite Majestic family. He lived in a tribal society where the customs and laws of one society could not be enforced in another. Even if laws were enforceable everyone knows that majesty is, you know, different.

After forcibly having his way with Dinah he decided that he actually loved her and would love to marry her. For this purpose he dispatched his dad Chamor.

In the mean time Yaacov learned that his precious daughter had been defiled. He waited for his sons to come from their work in the field. Needless to say that they were all very angry