Tefillin – Megilat Esther – Mezuzot


In the Upcoming Perashiot discussion freedom bondage in Egypt we see the concepts in the Perashiot of Tefillin several times. Catch them at the milknhoney.co.il website

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I am a Sofer Stam, I personally write The perashiot parchments of Tefillin, Megilot, Mezuzot and Sefer Torah Scrolls. They are checked by computer and rechecked by a Rabbi. All items are made especially for you by order. You can watch me make you Tefillin, etc via video chat.

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Tiny Tefillin

I Specialize in Tiny Gassot Tefillin – Pitzponim

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I am now offering Talitot with Techelet

Via email or phone you can order any talit style that you like. So call 516-595-1713 or in Israel 0544572366

Presently The Catalog has Two Taliotot

Traditional style Pure Wool Talitot that fit like a Shawl, These look like the Talitot that Shuls had on the rack 40 years ago and longer, but being wool, instead of polyester they are more kosher. I offer these ONLY with Techelet.

Shawl Talit

I am also offering New Style Fold over your shoulder style Talitot also known as Ashkenazi style

Talinia AA