Tiny Tefillin For Traveling People – תפילין פצפונים

Tiny Tefillin For Traveling Businessmen and Yeshiva Students – תפילין פצפונים

Tiny Gassot Tefillin  – High Quality Tefillin with Perashiot Written by Rabbi Steve Bar Yakov Gindi

  •  Tiny   Perashiot personally written by me, Rabbi Steve (Yishayahu) Bar Yakov Gindi. Meticulously written  Perashiot parchments.  Each letter takes about 5 seconds to form. I write them with natural Kulmus pens. For Ashkenazi tefillin I use a feather quill kulmus, for Sepharadi I use a Bamboo kulmus, both of which I form myself. The klaf parchments come from Shlil Fetus or Goat skin. Shlil is the skin taken from a fetus removed from a cows belly after slaughtering.
Parchments of Tiny Tefillin
Parchments of Tiny Tefillin
  • For Businessmen who travel a lot the Tiny Tefillin  come packed in a cloth glasses case. The plastic covers are also supplied for those who want to store them in a traditional Tefillin Bag.
Comparison Between Regular Gassot and Tiny Tefillin
Comparison Between Regular Gassot and Tiny Tefillin

These Tefillin are also ideal for Yeshiva students who like to wear Tefillin while they study.

  • The Batim Boxes of Tiny Gassot Tefillin have Chut Hatefira, Shin Meshucha, Thin straps and many more Hidurim.
  • All Perashiot are computer checked and checked by a rav. I purchase  The Tiny Gassot  Batim Boxes  from the finest sources who take pride in supplying Mehudar Tefillin.

Whoever purchases this for themselves or for Bar Mitzvah will receive an added

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