Tefillin Gassot – Written by Rabbi Steve Gindi

Tefillin Gassot

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Tefillin Gassot – High Quality Tefillin with Perashiot Written by Rabbi Steve Bar Yakov Gindi

  •  Tefillin Gassot Perashiot personally written by me, Rabbi Steve (Yishayahu) Bar Yakov Gindi. Meticulously writen  Perashiot parchments.  Each letter takes about 4 seconds to form. I write them with natural Kulmus pens. For Ashkenazi tefillin I use a feather quill kulmus, for Sepharadi I use a Bamboo kulmus, both of which I form myself. The klaf parchments comes from Shlil Fetus or Goat skin. Shlil is the skin taken from a fetus removed from a cows belly after slaughtering.
  • The Batim Boxes of Gassot have Chut Hatefira, Shin Meshucha, Beautiful, strong straps and many more Hidurim.
  • All Perashiot are computer checked and checked by a rav. I purchase these from the finest sources

Whoever purchases this for themselves or for Bar Mitzvah will receive an added

educational element on tefillin:

Tefillin: The Spirit of Bar Mitzvah – Connect Your Son with the Mitzva of Tefillin

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