Sofer Stam Flash Sale – Tefillin, Mezuzot, Megilot

Shalom from Jerusalem,

Do you want to purchase Tefillin, Mezuzot, and Megilot direct from the Sofer in Jerusalem that makes them? Well, that is what Rabbi Steve Bar Yakov Gindi does. Even with this flash Sale I will make them personally for you.

Lately some in USA have asked how I deliver specially ordered holy scrolls? I send them via EMS – 3 day delivery, or with your neighbor who is visiting Israel.

Flash Sale, Huge Discounts!
Ends Rosh Hodesh Nisan
Made especially for you!


Gassot Tefillin – 2800ש”ח reduced to 2600,
Mezuzot 180 ש”ח reduced to 167,
Tefillin “Mehudarim” 1500 ש”ח reduced to 1395,
Tiny Mezuzot – 220 ש”ח reduced to 204,
Tiny Gassot Tefillin – 3260 ש”ח reduced to 3031,
Tiny Rambam Tefillin $1126 $79 off 1047 but still free shipping

Mezuzot $50 7% off $46.50,
Mezuzot on Gewil $65 7% off $60.45,
Gassot Tefillin – $800 $56 off $744 but still includes free shipping,
USA 212-729-8094 or 516-595-1713 ,
Israel 0544572366,