Elul – Sale for Tiny Tefillin – Free Shipping + Discount


I am a Sofer Stam living in Jerusalem. I have 30 years of experience writing Sifrei Torah, Tefillin, Mezuzot and Megillot. You are invited to visit my website https://milknhoney.co.il  . For those purchasing Tefillin, especially for bar Mitzvah, I do a great educational program via Facetime or in person. In Person, the boys getting the Tefillin gets to participate in writing and sewing them together.

Writing Perashiot with a boy to soon be Bar Mitzva

In honor of of the month of Elul I am offering Tiny Tefillin for $800 (3305 Shekels) including shipping This much lower than at the website. I will make each pair especially for you. This is a discount off the price available at the Website. For Bar Mitzvah’s it is best to talk with me soon after the boy’s 12th birthday.

To contact me  email steve@milknhoney.co.il or call one of the numbers below:

Steve Bar Yakov Gindi,

Sofer Sta”m – Every letter on every parchment gets individual attention.

NY tel. 212-729-8094

NY tel. 516-595-1713

Israel tel. 054-4572-366

London tel. 020 3734 8595