We Sadly Mourn the Passing of Rabbi Ezra Labaton OBM


With great sadness we have heard of the passing of Rabbi Ezra Labaton OBM, Rabbi of Magen David of West Deal, but really much more.

Great Support

I am really sad that Rabbi Labaton passed away. I know that he supported so many people in so many different ways, including myself and many relatives, Emotionally, Spiritually, Family Counseling, economic help and guidance. I feel that it was a great privilege to write a Sefer Torah in his HONOR before he passed on.

Rabbi Labaton’s completed his doctoral thesis about a year ago while still fighting cancer. His  thesis is Rabienu Avraham Ben Harambam available.


I feel really bad that Rabbi Labaton passed away after years of suffering, He was like a Rabbi, uncle. brother, friend , partner and therapist, for myself and tons of our Gindis too and many Syrian Jews and Jews of all flavors.

He never, ever sold out on his principles

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Blessings of not knowing more sadness to the whole Labaton Family,