Tefillin from Jerusalem direct from the from Sofer

Beautiful Mehudar Tefilin
Beautiful Mehudar Tefilin

Tefillin that are Beautiful Mehudar – Gassot direct from the Sofer who writes the parshiot in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Yishayahu (Steve) Bar Yakov Gindi has over 25 years of experience writing Tefilin, Sefer Torah Scrolls, Megillot and Mezuzot.

Mehudar Tefillin

For Bar Mitzva, Rabbi Gindi is willing to do a Skype Video Chat to show the boy writing of his Parshiot as well as to learn about the contents and Mitzvahs in the Tefillin.

Children visiting Israel can have personal meetings to help make their own Tefillin.

Gassot Tefillin are 2600 Shekels app. £456 or  $750

Visit the online store:  http://torah.milknhoney.co.il/judaica-store/

You can call in 516-595-1713 or in UK 020 3734 8595 (it forwards to Rabbi Gindi in Jerusalem) or 054 457 2366 in Israel, or  email steve@milknhoney.co.il