Shalom Rabbis and Friends


In honor of  you, my clients who have purchased from me since 1986, I am offering free shipping via EMS, international express mail to anywhere in the world.  Now is the time to order Tefillin or a  Megillat Esther.


Order on-line or Call 516-595-1713 Israel 0544572366 or respond to this email


coupon code: ship tefillin


I write the Parchments of Mezuzah scrolls, Tefillin, Megillat Esther and Sefer Torah. My writing is both beautiful and legible. It will be a privilege to make them  for you.


You can pay by credit card , paypal  or direct deposit to my bank account


Coupon good Until August 31 for orders over 2000 Shekels.


All prices are in Shekels, dollar prices are approximately according to the current rate which changes daily.