This weeks Perasha is Shemot. In it Benei Yisrael are enslaved. Many people have compared this enslavement with diaspora life. I believe that this comparison is founded in the Perasha.

Slavery in Egypt was not chattel slavery as was practiced in America. Instead Benie Yisrael had to complete work quotas. We see in the Perasha that Pharo first appointed tax officers to get them to work hard for the building of the State. The express purpose of this was to oppress Benie Yisrael so that they would not have the energy to rebel. No individual was owned by any other individual other then Pharo who could run everyone’s lives.

In modern society we are kept too busy to think about where we are going and what we should stand for. Even if we do express a desire to free ourselves we are oppressed by materialism. It is almost impossible to free yourself from the slavery imposed by certain organizations which are larger than many Governments.

The earlier you free yourself the easier. Once you are weighted by debts incurred by taking advantage of “The American Dream” it is very difficult especially if you make a moderate salary.

When you make a moderate salary and need to pay many thousands of dollars for health insurance, car insurance, credit cards, and anything else you must pay a lot for you are indeed enslaved just like Benei Yisrael were. Slavery being accepted as having to work many hours to pay off interest payments of debt. Be rest assured that many of the companies you owe money to are very happy to see you squirm at the pressure they apply.