Shemini Atzeret – Keys to Success

Shemini Atzeret – Keys to Success

On Shemini Atzeret we start to say Mashib Haruach Umorid Hageshem. By saying this we recognize that G-d controls the weather patterns. In old days economics were totally dependant on the weather. In a time of drought people really prayed for their own lives when they asked G-d to make it rain.

Today we feel above weather conditions. If there is a drought in NY then food will as usual be brought in from the Mid-West.

Meteorologists know that there are an infinite number of variables which can effect the weather. This is how we know that G-d controls the weather. He manipulates all of the variables and makes it rain, snow, or tornado.

There exists another topic which has as many variables as the weather. That is Economics. Just like weather men economists can not accurately predict what will happen next year. Additionally, it is almost impossible to change the economy.

Our Rabbis of Blessed memory knew these concepts they said:

Three Keys are in the hands of G-d which were not given to any messengers. They are: The key to the rains; who will have children and when the dead will come back…. In the west they said even the key to making a living [was not given to anyone.]

From here you see that G-d himself controls the weather and economics. Our rabbis knew that these two topics are related. They said that a person should pray to G-d to make a living in Barech Alenu which is the prayer for rain.

Is it not incredible how Hashem smiles on one person who might be just an average person while a very smart person might be broke. Hashem manipulates the economy and parts of it so that particular people will benefit while others become poor.

It is very important to realize that G-d has his own reasons for giving a lot of money to one person while another person is poor. Sometimes having money can even be a punishment from G-d. Sometimes it is a test to see if the person will be distracted away from G-d. Sometimes it is a blessing.

The most important thing to realize is that G-d controls the economy and the weather like a puppeteer. This is why on Shemini Atzeret we begin to acknowledge that G-d sends the wind and brings down the rain.