Rosh Hashana – The Shofar of Freedom

Rosh Hashana – The Shofar of Freedom

The Shofar of Freedom

On Rosh Hashanah each individual and the community think about where we stand and where we should be going.

During the mid 1930’s Rabbi Ben Zion Chai Uziel wrote Michmaney Uziel. He discussed the promising yet unfortunate situation of the Jewish people. We view this period of history as very dark when millions of Jews were being murdered through asphyxiation in a methodical sickness.

Rabbi Uziel writes:

The sight of  this destruction grips us with fear, a thick haze darkens our eyes. However, periods of destruction and annihilation are not new to us. Periods of enslavement and oppression can contain an inner freedom.  Freedom is part of our soul. The Torah is the source of this freedom. When we distance ourselves from it we loose our freedom.

This dark period was one of great hope for the Yishuv in Israel. Rabbi Uziel describes it as a period where we see rays of light in Israel. All forms of arts, culture and music are enlightening. However, within this light one can see beads of darkness. He continues, “Within the songs of freedom one can hear the moans of servitude.” He was referring to those who made aliyah with a very negative attitude towards the Torah.

Many abandon the Torah which gives us freedom and replace it with false religions. This enslaves us with far more oppression than iron chains which others wrap around our necks.

The sound of the Shofar on the Jubilee year frees slaves from their masters. When we hear it on every Rosh Hashanah we can free ourselves from self imposed slavery. We should use this opportunity to amend our relations with each other on the individual plane as a well as bringing together communities which are divided. This will give us the freedom to bask in the light of the one who created the universe on this day.

On this day of judgement Rabbi Uziel points out that all are judged. Each individual and each nation. We are all judged. Not only that but on this day we demand justice from G-d. He should judge the terrorist nations and any  terrible people individually as well as communally.

Tizku Leshanim Rabot neimot Vetovot.
You should merit many years which are pleasant and good.