Passover – Hagomel – All Better


Hagomel – All Better

We need to thank G-d for every thing he does for us. This especially applies if you were in a life threatening situation. That is why we say the beracha – Hagomel.

On passover we read the Mizmor which was sung when people went to Jerusalem to thank G-d for sparing there lives. The Mizmor discusses several different kinds of people who have been spared by G-d. These are sea travelers, people who wandered in the desert, People who were ill and got better and people who were freed from prison.

The basic outlook of this Mizmor is that G-d can control the destiny of people. He can make a good Business go bad and a bad business into a fruitful one. He makes a sick person better, he helps the traveler get to his destination, He can even arrange a parole for someone who has really made Teshuvah.

When we say the Beracha Hagomel we are recognizing that G-d took care of us. “The one who gives good to the guilty who gave for me all the best.” That is to say that even though we are guilty of some sin G-d still did good for us.

We are all familiar with saying Hagomel after an airplane trip. The Sepharadim are also accustomed to say this blessing when spared from almost any dangerous situation.

We are supposed to say it after any long trip on the road. This makes sense when you realize that many people die on the highway than in the air.

If you were sick for a few days you also need to thank G-d. A person who is sick is actually judged by G-d even for relatively minor illnesses.