Rabbi Ovadia Yossef

Ovadia Yossef

Rishon Lezion

and President of Torah Sages Council


9 Elul 5753


I have seen the pamphlet “Laws of Niddah” in English which is a
collection of laws from the books which I have written with the
assistance of heaven. It is the work of a professional who is constantly
occupied with the Torah, of honorable reputation, Rabbi Yishayahu (Steve)
Gindi Hakohen.

My good friend, the revered Rabbi Shimon Hai Aluf, attested about him and
this pamphlet, that it is all exact and correct in each word. And I also
agree with him on this. Let God’s desire be successful in his hands to
benefit the many and to “make Torah great and majestic”.” He will also
continue to grow in greatness and glory.

Ovadia Yossef