The times in which we live are unique in the annals of human history, and
even more so in the annals of Jewish History. When did we find such a
thirst for knowledge of Judaism the part of a generation who was denied
any link with its glorious heritage?

Those who are returning to their Jewish roots are cognizant of the fact
that there are two aspects of life, the spiritual and the physical. There
is no better example of the fusion of the two than in the laws of Family
Purity. Here we are involved with the most physical of acts raised to the
most lofty of spiritual levels. God enters into our most personal private
lives and adds beauty in all its dimensions to the physical realm of the
relationship between a man and his wife.

One of the most prolific halachic authors of our generation is the Gaon
and Torah authority, the Rishon Lezion, His Eminence Rabbi Ovadia
Yossef Among the great works which he has composed is the the book:
Taharat Habayit [The Purity of the Home] which deals with the laws of the
miqveh. A young rabbi, trained in our rabbinic seminary, SHEHEBAR
SEPHARDIC CENTER, Rabbi Steve Gindi painstakingly adapted this great book
for the English speaking public. The Gaon, Rabbi Ovadia Yossef has given
his personal approval of the adaptation and I pray that this work will
be accepted by the English Jewish world and will have a profound
influence on the lives of young Jewish couples.

Rabbi Shelomo Kassin

Rosh Midrash Sepharadi
Haskamah of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef
Why keep the Halacha of Sexual
How a Woman Becomes Niddah
Colors of Emissions and
Behavior During Niddah
Hefsek Betahara (The conclusion in
When Immersion is to be Performed
Cleansing before Immersion
Hasisa: Intervening Objects
Blessing Before Immersion
Abstaining in Anticipation of Menstruation
What is Considered a Fixed
To Whom the Rules of Fixed Periods Apply
Physical Periods
Giving Birth
Women Are Entrusted With The Laws of Niddah
Bleeding due to Sexual Relations
Onset of Menstruation; “Engagement;” Choosing the Wedding Date
Getting Married

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