The fig is connected to knowledge. Adam and Eve, after eating from the forbidden fruit, “understood” that they were naked. They covered themselves with fig leaves. Rashi states that the fruit that they ate was a fig. He also states that even blind people realize that they are naked. If they had no clothes on Why should we be so surprised that they felt naked? Adam and Eve had only one single Mitzva which was to avoid eating the fruit. We have many Mitzvot and are seldom totally naked of Mitzvot as they were. (Rashi Bereshit 3-7)

Being associated with knowledge, the fig tree is compared to the Torah. A fig tree has a very long season. As long as one keeps looking through the tree one will find figs. This is also true for the Torah. As long one studies Torah one will find something new. (Eruvin 54a)

Figs are one of the seven species that the State of Israel is blessed with. They are associated with economics. Fine economic times are associated with relaxed people sitting under the vine and fig tree. Bad economics are associated with bad figs that are totally useless.

The prophet Hoshea married a prostitute by the name of Gomer Bat Deveilim. Although the most common Hebrew word for figs is Te’enah it is also called Develah. Our rabbis of Blessed memory have considered possible meaning to this lady’s name. They said that her first name Gomer, which means “finish” in Hebrew, because everyone finished with her. Her second name was “Bat Develim – Daughter of Figs”.  According to Shmuel she was sweet as a fig to all of the men. Rabbi Yochanan says that she was called this since all the men stick to her like a fig.

You might be curious to know why one the greatest Jewish prophets could marry a prostitute. The Holy one Blessed be He wanted to teach Hoshea that he loved the Jewish people even though they did not always follow the Torah. Just as Hoshea did not want to divorce Gomer after being married to her so The Holy one Blessed be He could not simply get rid of the Jewish People. (Pesachim 87a) This is discussed at length at

Figs are very nutritious. They are a wholesome fruit. They contain fiber, calcium, iron and potassium.