Dayenu – Passover



When you have something good you want more. After making a good deal in business the first thing most will do is try to contact more potential customers. It is very rare that after making such a nice deal you say, “Thank G-d! I am going to Pray Mincha with a minyan to give special thanks to G-d who cares for me.”

I am going to Pray Mincha with a minyan to give special thanks to G-d who cares for me.
I am going to Pray Mincha with a minyan to give special thanks to G-d who cares for me.


The proper thought is indeed to thank G-d. Additionally, you should say that if G-d never does any more special favors for you this favor was enough. Not only was it enough but all the little favors which G-d has done for you since you were born is enough and we will be satisfied even if things subsequently go wrong.

This is the lesson which we learn from reading our Haggadah. The Haggadah has the famous song Dayenu.

We say that it would have been enough had G-d given us their money and would not have split the sea. (Imre Pi) In reality the money is worthless if the sea would not have split. The Egyptians would have killed us since we had no where to go but into the sea.

Taking us ot of Egypt was enough - Dayenu
Taking us ot of Egypt was enough – Dayenu

We still thank G-d for every little thing even if we do not get to enjoy it.

Very often we do not even recognize goodness which is done for us let alone say that it is enough. Chovot Halevavot has a nice story.

A wealthy man once donated a lot of money to build a home for the blind. He placed everything within easy reach and put bars on the walls. Everything for the  convenience of a blind person. Occasionally someone would fall over the things which were put there for convenience. He would curse the benevolent man who made his life miserable. In reality they obviously need to be thankful and simply learn how to use the place.

We, also, are often blind to the goodness’ G-d does for us. We should take the que from Dayenu and thank G-d.

A reason cited by Chovot Halevavot why people do not appreciate goodness which G-d gives them is because they are used to it. He cites another parable.

 a boy abandoned in the forest
a boy abandoned in the forest

A man once found a boy abandoned in the forest. He cared for him like his own son. He Fed him, clothed him and educated him. The child was like any other child who constantly asked his guardian to fill his desires.

Subsequently, the man performed the Mitzvah of Pidyon Shevuyeem – freeing a Jewish prisoner. The prisoner thanked him profusely and said that he owed his life to the man that had saved him.

In reality the boy owed him much more but felt little gratitude. When you examine your life you will see how much goodness G-d has given you.

One reason we do not always thank G-d is because we are used to something. `