To Whom the Rules of Fixed Periods Apply

To Whom the Rules of Fixed Periods Apply

To Whom the Rules of Fixed Periods Apply

1. Certain women are excluded from the whole idea of predictable
menstruation, therefore even if they previously had a fixed period they
need not abstain from sexual intercourse at the times their fixed period
was expected. Woman who are pregnant, nursing or who have passed

2. An elderly woman who has not menstruating three times when she
expected to is considered not to be menstruating any longer and need not
separate from her husband when she would have expected her fixed period.

3. Even if an elderly woman menstruated and become niddah she does not
fix a new period and need not separate from her husband in anticipation
of menstruation at any time. If, she has fixed a new period three times
or has gone back to her old fixed period even once menstruating on the
day of her old fixed period, she then returns to the ruling of any other
woman who has regular periods. This is because it is then proven that
when she previously stopped menstruating it was anomalous.

4. A pregnant or nursing woman does not have a fixed period for the
whole duration of her pregnancy or her nursing.

5. A woman is considered pregnant after three months have passed without
her menstruating, even if she has done a pregnancy test she should still
abstain from sexual intercourse in anticipation of menstruation for these
ninety days.

6. A nursing woman is considered to be nursing for 24 months after birth
even if the child is weaned or even if the child is not nursing for some
other reason.

7. If they menstruate these women separate like a woman who does not have
a fixed period. (Interval, 30th day and hebrew date).

8. After three months of pregnancy the couple need not separate at the
time that menstruation would have been expected.

9. After twenty four months have passed she should expect her previously
fixed period to be reestablished. Therefore, if she has a period fixed
for a day of the week or the month she separates from her husband the
first time these days occur; if her period is for a fixed number of days
upon having her first period she counts from there and separates at her
fixed time.