Garlic in Judaism

Garlic in Judaism

It is a Mitzvah to eat garlic on Shabbat. Many people avoid eating garlic for various reasons. However, one should regularly eat of this very special root.

Our Rabbis of Blessed memory have stated that there are five benefits for those who eat garlic: it satisfies one’s hunger, it warms the body, brightens the face, increases semen and kills stomach lice. Some say that garlic increases love and removes jealousy. (Baba Kama 82a)

In order to make sure that The Jewish people benefit from garlic Ezra Hasofer ruled that it is a mitzvah to eat garlic on Shabbat. Rabbienu Asher known as the Ro”sh states that it is a mitzvah incumbent upon everyone including women to eat garlic on Shabbat. If you do not like fresh garlic, it has been stated that, you can get the similar benefits from eating a lot more cooked garlic. When added to almost any food garlic tastes very yummy. Some fear that their breath will be unpleasant from eating raw garlic. It has been suggested that you should eat the raw garlic with the people who might suffer from the fragrance then neither of you will smell anything.

Cooked garlic gives similar results to those concerned with cholesterol and heart issues. Only raw garlic benefits those who are concerned with infections. However, if you eat less than a single clove you can still enjoy these benefits.

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