Many people complain that they find their dates boring. “He/She has nothing interesting to share with me…He/she has no hobbies or interests…He/She talks about their parents and siblings all the time.” My question is,” What are we really waiting for? What gives any of us the big feeling of wow?” The spark!

We live in a time, where it takes a lot more for us to feel the wow sensation, because we have seen/done it all. Waiting for the “wow factor” to happen for us on a date, is a bit like waiting for Godot… it isn’t really going to come, unless we do something to make it come.

This may sound trite, but what if we all started to consider how we can be responsible for the wow factor on the date. What if we made it our job to create some sort of wow effect? What would we do? What could we say? How could we look?

How does placing the “Wow” onus on ourselves change things around? Do we now see how hard it is to create this effect? Can we actually be creating more excitement in the person we are with because now they too feel the “wow?”

Let’s all try an experiment, for the next date we go on, let us choose one thing to make the person we are with feel “wow,” and see how that changes the date…Keep me posted, will yah!!!

Micki Lavin-Pell, MS, MA has been a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist since 2002. Micki completed her training at Alma Family Therapy in Melbourne, Australia. She currently lives in Jerusalem, Israel and sees clients from all over the world via Skype. She is also a qualified Prepare/Enrich educator. Her work primarily consists of working with individuals who are looking to get married or couples in the early years of marriage looking for skills to improve all aspects of their relationship (communication, conflict resolution, finance, intimacy, in-laws, goal setting, etc…). Micki’s private practice is called Relationship Renovation, as she believes that we all have the ability to create and develop the relationship that we desire. Visit her website at: