When to Meet Your Match

When should you make the jump to actually meet a match you have communicated with through Milk N Honey Shiduchim?

Milk N Honey Shiduchim is designed to allow you to be sure that you have found a good match. You should read the match's profile, look at his pictures and watch videos that they posted.

When you find that the match looks interesting you should initialize communication. Your privacy is valued by us at Milk N Honey Shiduchim. Many women feel that communication should be initiated by men. In order to find their other half faster I suggest that they overcome this. Even shy people who might worry about rejection or about dishonest people should initiate communication.

Be sure that the match is verified with us. This assures you that the match is honest about their availability for marriage and their true age.

Send several messages to each other discussing whether both or you are interested. You should make use of the chat service by friending the match. You can ask and/or respond to serious issues that a first meeting over coffee forces you to put off. You might ask how their previous relationships ended or other issues that can show you what your match really is like. This is an advantage of Milk N Honey Shiduchim.

If the match's profile is missing a lot of information you should feel free to enquire.

I suggest that you speak on the phone a couple of times before setting a date for your first meeting.

 Before meeting you might want to find out whether the match is really a predator. In Israel you can check at: http://www.besheket.com/database.htm



  • Posted 2 years ago
Maybe you should provide a site listing predators who don't go after children, but just ordinary women. The most common kind is a man who uses web dating to get friendly with women without any intention of getting married.